Best electric razor

Here you will find the electric razors that currently have the highest ratings!

Best electric razors 2023

The best electric razors 2023

Best for men Braun Series 9 pro
  • Top rated 2022
  • Very close shave
  • Easy to use & clean
Cheapest price: 329.94 $ at Amazon
Most value Braun Series 5
  • Great buy 2022
  • Close shave
  • Easy to use & clean
Cheapest price: 59.94 $ at Amazon

Electric razor

An electric razor is used for shaving, and it usually consists of a handle with multiple blades and a motor that power blades to quickly and easily trim facial hair. Electric razors are faster and easier to use than manual razors, but they can be more expensive and do sometime require more maintenance. Here below you can read what to look for in order to find the best electric razor.

What is the best electric razor?

An electric razor is a great tool if you are looking for a close shave on the go, or just want an easy way to take care of your facial hair. The best electric razors on the market give you a neat and smooth shave that will provide you with a clean look throughout the day.

When you buy an electric razor there are a lot of options, where the pricier provide more benefit there are electric shavers that provide a lot of value for a lower cost. On this site we have therefore categorized electric shavers in both the category best electric shaver and most value electric shaver.

The best for men

The best electric razors for men, closely conforms to the contours of your face and is designed with a flexible head. The blades must be sharp enough to cut through facial hair with ease but not so sharp that they cause irritation. Also, look for models that are durable and are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, you might want to consider features such as being cordless and having different power levels for added convenience.

The best for women

In order to select the best electric razor for women, look for one with a slim and ergonomic design that conforms to the contours of the body. You should also make sure that the blades are made from hypoallergenic materials to prevent or at least reduce skin irritation. Also, as with models for men, look for models that offer different power settings so you can adjust the intensity of your shave. You might also want to look for models that are cordless and have easy cleaning tools to make your shaving experience better and more comfortable.

What to look for in an electric razor

Below you have the main features that you should look for in an electric razor in order to get the best.

Closest shave

The main feature that you should look for in an electric razor is that it has a close shave. By selecting an electric shaver with a close shave, it will give you the confidence that your facial hair will be effectively managed and look clean.

A close shave will also help you to prevent skin irritation and reduces the amount of time you need spending shaving each day. The best electric razors, get you a close shave in less time, with fewer passes and without having to put too much pressure on your skin.

Easy to clean

Another main feature that you should look for in an electric razor is that it is easy to clean. It is important that it is easy to clean in order to maintain the performance of the razor over time. By properly cleaning your electric razor it will prevent bacteria and skin oils from building up on and inside the machine, which can lead to skin irritation and a less effective shave. Also, regularly cleaning your electric razor keeps it working well for many years to come.


Best manufacturers of electric razors

Here below you will find the electric razor manufacturers that have gotten the highest ratings in various consumer tests.


The current best manufacturer of electric razors is Braun. Electric razors from Braun offer many benefits to users. They have a wide range of products that are designed to cater to different needs, styles and budgets. They also have precise blades and different power settings for more efficient and a more comfortable shave. Braun also has a very durable construction which ensures that their products will last for years. They also offer customer support so you can get any questions or issues resolved quickly and easily.


Another excellent manufacturer is Panasonic, they have electric razors that are designed for maximum precision and comfort. Their blades provide a smooth and comfortable shave without causing skin irritation due to their Nanotech technology. Electric razors from Panasonic have adjustable speed settings, so you can choose the best setting for your type of facial hair. In addition, Panasonic offers customer support to help you with any issues you may have. Their line of electric razors also has long-lasting battery life for consistent use over time.


Philips have designed their electric razors to prioritize convenience and comfort. They have advanced technologies like flexing heads and shaving that is multi-directional which will help provide a smooth and close shave while also minimizing skin irritation. Philips ergonomic design makes their electric razors easy to hold and use, and they come with multiple power settings so you can adjust your grooming needs. Philips also offers customer support that will help you if you need it.